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Bylaws & Tariffs

Victory Electric Cooperative operates under certain rules referred to as bylaws. Bylaws are defined as the rules for governing an organization, such as an electric cooperative, approved by the membership. A copy of Victory Electric’s bylaws are here. (Bylaws updated 4-2014)

Electricity rates are determined by tariffs.  A tariff is defined as a statement of a utilities rates, terms, and conditions of service as filed with a utility regulatory body, such as the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC). 

MKEC Tariff's
General Rate Index
General Service-Small
General Service-Large
General Service-Space Heating
Industrial Service
Industrial Service-Interruptible
Economic Development Rider (frozen)
Real-Time Price Program
Private Area/Street Lighting
Decorative Security Lighting
Private Area Lighting (frozen)
Street Lighting (frozen)
Ornamental Vapor Street Lighting
Municipal Service
Water Pumping, Municipal
Irrigation Service
Temporary Service
Energy Cost Adjustment
Parallel Generation Service

Victory Legacy System Tariff's
Rate Schedule Index
Service Fees
Domestic Service
All Electric Service
Residential Load Management Rider
Non-Domestic Farm Service
Small Commercial Service
Large Commercial Service
Large Power Service
Large Power Service-Interruptible 1
Large Power Service-Interruptible 2
Large Power Service-Interruptible 3
Large Power Service-Interruptible 4
Irrigation Service
Irrigation Service-Load Management
Irrigation Service-Center Pivots Drives and Reuse Pumps
Power Cost Adjustment
Economic Development Rider
Economic Development Rider-No Facilities Charge
Parallel Generation Rider
Parallel Generation Rider-Renewable Generation
Net Metering Rider

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