Disconnect%20Service%20Graphic_0.pngThe cooperative may discontinue service for any of the following reasons: 

  • A member requests it.
  • The service is abandoned (no electric use recorded on meter and bills are unpaid).
  • A utility bill becomes delinquent after proper notice (nonpayment).
  • A dangerous condition exists on the member’s premises. If the cooperative is made aware of dangerous or life-threatening conditions existing on a member’s premises, the cooperative may disconnect and refuse to connect the electric service until the danger is eliminated.
  • A member refuses to grant cooperative personnel access to electric equipment on the member’s premises for the purpose of inspection, repair, meter maintenance or replacement.
  • A member violates any rule of the cooperative and the violation adversely affects the safety of the member or other persons, or the integrity of the electric delivery system.
  • A member, or any person, causes unauthorized interference, diversion or use of utility service (meter tampering). The cooperative will disconnect immediately and call the local police department to document theft and initiate legal action. The member will be required to pay all fees, deposit, meter damage and any estimated use prior to being reconnected.

If You Are Moving:
Victory Electric appreciates your business and we hope you have been satisfied with our service. To disconnect your electric service, please follow the steps below.

  • Have your present address and forwarding (new) address ready.
  • Please have your account number handy if possible.
  • Be prepared to tell us the date you would like to disconnect your service.
  • Call or stop by our office

When moving, you are responsible for the electric use until the cooperative is contacted and arrangements have been made to finalize the account in your name. The account must be listed in your name to request disconnection of service*. Your meter will be read on the disconnect date and any remaining energy charges will appear on your final bill. Depending upon where you are in the billing cycle, this may take up to two billing cycles to finalize. Failure to contact our office could result in the electric service remaining in your name and being held responsible for the bill. Your deposit will automatically be applied to your closing bill (unless otherwise requested). Any bills left unpaid will be turned over to a collection agency. Please make sure we have a correct forwarding address for proper processing of your final bill. Even though you may no longer receive electric service from Victory Electric, keeping a current address on file ensures you receive your capital credit checks when we retire your patronage capital in future years.
*A landlord cannot disconnect a tenant’s electricity if Victory Electric has a lease agreement in the tenant’s name. A landlord needs to provide a ‘right of possession’ court order before we can disconnect services of the tenant.

Not Using Your Service:
Victory Electric does not charge to disconnect a service. When a member abandons a service location or requests to disconnect their service, the cooperative reserves the right to remove infrastructure after 12 months of non-use. This may include removing the meter, poles, transformers, conductor and any other equipment.

If a member requests to reconnect a service previously disconnected within 12 months, the cooperative, at its discretion, will assess a $200 Abandoned Service Reconnection Fee. For example, a member has a meter on their property only used by a family member who lives in a camper during the May to September summer months. The member wants to turn off the meter October through April when not in use. In this case, the member will be charged a $200 fee to reconnect. Victory Electric still has the expense of maintaining the electric line and infrastructure (fixed costs typically recovered through the service availability charge) for that meter service year around so it is ready to be turned on each May.

Disconnection for Nonpayment
A bill shall be deemed delinquent if payment is not received and posted to an account by the cooperative by 5 p.m., on the due date stated on the bill. If due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, legal holiday or any other day when the cooperative office is not open to the general public, the final payment date shall be extended to next business day by 5 p.m. When a bill becomes delinquent, a 2% late payment fee will be assessed on the account for the delinquent amount, and collection efforts by the cooperative initiated.

If payment is not made by 5 p.m., on the bill due date, those members on a payment arrangement are subject for disconnection the next business day at 8 a.m.

For all members not on a payment arrangement, if a bill is not paid by 5 p.m., on the due date, a “friendly reminder” notice is automatically issued giving the member at least 10 days written notice before disconnecting service for nonpayment. This notice is separate from regular electric bill and is sent to the accountholder name and mailing address of record. The cooperative will also notify, or attempt to notify, members by phone at least one day before disconnection. The phone automated system will not leave a message and if you are registered to not receive calls from solicitors, the call will not go through, but you will see a missed call from Victory Electric. Notices will contain the date service will be disconnected unless the member takes appropriate action and the balance and late fees are paid. The disconnect date will not fall on any day the cooperative’s office is not open for business.

Upon the member’s payment of the balance and all applicable fees, the cooperative will promptly restore service. At all times, every effort will be made to restore service on the same day, and in any event, reconnection shall be made no later than the next business day.