The Victory Electric Cooperative Assoc., Inc.

The Victory Electric Cooperative Association, Inc., serves an area of southwest Kansas that includes a diverse agricultural, rural and urban territory. Victory Electric's infrastructure and services are located in Ford and Gray Counties and parts of seven other counties; Kiowa, Edwards, Hodgeman, Finney, Haskell, Meade, and Clark. Victory Electric was organized in 1945 to serve primarily farm residential services. Through the years, Victory Electric expanded to a broad consumer base of diversified loads ranging from industrial, commercial and irrigation loads with 3,200 miles of transmission and distribution line. 

Providing reliable electricity at fair rates is just the beginning. As a member-owned, not for profit electric cooperative, our team at Victory Electric strives to serve our communities through leadership, integrity, accountability, innovation and community involvement. We’re more than “just the electric company.” We are your neighbors, friends, parents, children and spouses. We work hard because it’s our community too.

Victory Electric consistently invests in infrastructure and training to make sure our members receive service that goes above and beyond your expectations. We are on call 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. To learn more about Victory Electric, please take a look at our Program and Services Guide.

An electric cooperative is a business, much like any other, but in several important ways, it is unique. You won't find a cleaner, safer or more reliable way to heat and cool your home than with electricity from your member-owned electric cooperative. As a member, one of the greatest resources available to you is the accessibility of our employees who will provide personal, reliable information and services to you.

Our promise to our Victory Electric members
The cooperative has a goal of providing a high level of service to its members. We promise to:

  • Be courteously and serve your needs
  • Connect you with the right person who will work with you to get any problem or issue resolved
  • Get back to you with answers to your questions as soon as possible
  • Have personnel on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure you have safe, reliable power
  • Work to restore power as quickly and safely as possible, day or night, regardless of the weather
  • Remain strongly committed to our safety mission to protect you, the public, and our employees
  • Communicate about rates, cooperative products and services, and your member benefits–including how to use electricity safely and efficiently

Please understand that as much as we work to prevent any interruptions in your power supply, normal operations can be temporarily disrupted due to storms and other natural disasters. At Victory Electric, we are committed to meeting the needs of our members. We promise!

Frequently Asked Questions

Victory Electric is a distribution electric cooperative. Each member within its service territory who purchases electric power from Victory Electric has ownership rights.

Victory Electric serves residences, farms, irrigation, businesses and industrial members located in all or parts of Ford, Gray, Hodgeman, Finney, Clark, Haskell, Edwards, Kiowa and Meade counties.



If you are building a new home or business on Victory Electric lines, or moving to an address that is currently served by Victory Electric, you become a member by buying electric service, which includes providing a lease agreement/contract proving residency, presenting a state-issued ID, and possibly paying a deposit, depending on your credit.

Victory Electric is a not-for-profit, member-owned and member-driven cooperative. Policies are set by an elected, eleven-member board of trustees, representing the nine districts within Victory Electric's service territory (three trustees represent Dodge City, the largest district). Each trustee is also a member of the cooperative. The board establishes policies and procedures for the cooperative that are followed by management and employees.

Victory Electric's address, phone numbers, and fax number are listed on Office Information page in the main menu or you can use the "Contact Us" quick link menu at the bottom of the page to email us. Trustee and cooperative management listings can be found in the “Board of Trustees” and “Management Team” section of the website. You can also choose to share your feedback and submit the form at the bottom of the website page.

As a member, you:

  • Have a voice in the operations of the cooperative through the representative you elect to the board of trustees.
  • Share in the success of the cooperative through capital credits, which are, basically, dividends returned to members based on the amount of electricity you purchased from the cooperative in a given year.
  • Enjoy reliable electric service, delivered to you at as low a cost as possible.
  • Included on this page are two videos to help explain cooperatives, who we are, and how our business model differs from other utilities.