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No deposit. No late fees. No due date. No monthly statements. You choose when and how much electricity to purchase.

Victory Electric’s PowerMyWay program is changing the way members pay for their electricity. PowerMyWay gives you the flexibility to better manage your budget by making smaller, more frequent payments on days it’s right for you, instead of a single, larger payment on a fixed due date. Or maybe you just want to continue making one payment per month but have the flexibility of choosing your payment date, and that’s ok, too.

Since you are paying as you go, PowerMyWay makes you more aware of your energy consumption. The more electricity you use, the quicker you will have to recharge your account. By tying PowerMyWay to SmartHub, you will not only be able to see your electric use for that day, week or month, but also know how much you spent in that time frame, and more importantly where you can save. SmartHub also allows the flexibility for members to review account balances, make a payment and evaluate energy use anytime and anywhere from a phone, tablet or computer.

There are no additional costs or fees to take advantage of the PowerMyWay billing plan. Rates, including energy charges, taxes, franchise taxes, the service availability charge and the energy charge adjustment are exactly the same as accounts on a standard residential billing plan (some charges are prorated daily), but the member is NOT required to make a security deposit and there are no disconnect, reconnect or late fees.

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Gas%20Guage-01.jpgThink of PowerMyWay like putting gas in your car. Your vehicle has a gauge that allows you to monitor when you need to fill up. You can choose to purchase small amounts every few days or “fill up” the tank and not worry about it for several weeks. Similarly, with PowerMyWay you will receive a notification from SmartHub when you need to “recharge” your account, and you can fill up your electric account just like you fill up the gas tank in a car —one gallon at a time or with a full tank.

Members, whether new or existing, must complete a PowerMyWay program agreement available at our office. Upon enrollment in PowerMyWay, a member must purchase at least $50 of energy and have access to the Internet or the ability to receive text messages. Once a day between 7 and 9 a.m., Victory Electric reads your electronic meter, and the amount associated with that day’s electric service is deducted from your account balance. 

Since you purchase electricity before you use it, you are able to make payments how and when you want–online, by phone, or in-person. Your account balance can be reviewed anytime, anywhere from your mobile device via Victory Electric’s SmartHub app. 

After your meter is read and your account balance is reconciled each day, if the balance is equal to or less than $25, Victory Electric will send an automated low balance notice by text message, email or phone call letting you know it is time to recharge your account. You have the ability to set custom notification methods and thresholds in SmartHub, i.e. Joe E. Member customized his notifications to receive a text message and his wife receives an email when their account reaches $40 or less. Low balance notifications are sent any day your balance is less than $25. This gives you time to purchase power before the meter actually stops at $0.01 or less. 

Any time your balance is $0.01 or below, a disconnect reminder will be sent in the morning, and if a payment is not made by early afternoon, the meter will suspend service. Once disconnected, a $50+ credit balance must be established on the account before power will be restored. There are no disconnect or reconnect charges, and disconnection is the only time a $50 minimum payment is required. The $50 is not a fee and is applied to future energy use. Your account can be recharged at any time, day or night, online or by phone, and service is automatically restored.

Any new or existing residential member of Victory Electric can take advantage of PowerMyWay. Residential accounts with an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) meter are eligible for PowerMyWay. Access to SmartHub is required to participate in PowerMyWay. The member is responsible for creating a SmartHub account and/or updating the account with a valid email address or phone number to guarantee receipt of PowerMyWay notifications.

Existing members must have their conventional account paid-in-full, including unbilled electrical use, before switching to PowerMyWay. Existing members who have paid a deposit may apply the deposit to any outstanding balance, transfer the deposit to a PowerMyWay account, or request the deposit be refunded.

Valid contact information must be maintained on SmartHub to receive low balance notifications. Failure to receive the notifications will not avoid termination of power.

Upon enrollment, new members purchase at least $50 toward future energy costs. Existing members must have their conventional account paid-in-full, including unbilled electric use, before switching to PowerMyWay. Those existing members who paid a deposit may apply it to the $50 needed to open a PowerMyWay account, apply to any outstanding balance on a conventional account, transfer the deposit to a PowerMyWay account, or request to have the deposit refunded.