Streetlight Maintenance Request

Did you know you can help promote safety and security in your community? Any time you see a streetlight out or in need of repair, contact us to report the outage, and we’ll send out a maintenance team to repair the issue. Please know that it could take several business days before the streetlight you reported can be repaired. Also, there is no need to report the streetlight outage more than once using this process.

Streetlight%20Pole.pngYou will be asked to provide: ​​​

  1. Location of streetlight. e.g. Southeast corner of 14th Ave and Ross Blvd. Light is in front of 3004 N 14th Ave.
  2. If present, a pole number for the non-functioning light(s) you are reporting. This number is located on the light’s pole at eye level. It will likely be steel numbers or black and yellow decals that are two to four digits long.
  3. Contact information in case more information is needed to locate a street light.
  4. An e-mail address if you want feedback regarding your repair request.

Because our crews are not able to patrol every street in the dark/nighttime hours, we rely on our members to provide us with information. Or sincere thanks go out to all who provide information to help us maintain streetlights. Keeping streetlights functioning properly is part of our commitment to providing reliable, safe energy to our communities.

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