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Look for your annual report in the April issue of Kansas Country Living

Ballots for the board of trustee’s election will be mailed separately and contain the candidate profiles, ballot, return envelope and your registration card for the meeting on APRIL 12, 2022. Ballots must be received no later than 5 p.m. on Monday, April 11, the day prior to the annual meeting. No voting will be held electronically or at the annual meeting. Results will be announced at the meeting. 

Why vote? Purchasing electricity from Victory Electric gives you membership in the cooperative, and, as a member, you have voting rights. Your participation is a fundamental power that flows from you to your electric cooperative. You have the power to discuss issues with friends and neighbors and elect your board representation. That democratic right — which includes one vote by every cooperative member — is one of several important differences between electric cooperatives and investor-owned electric utilities. Informed and concerned members 

stay involved by electing those people who value their way of life and work 

to improve the quality of life in southwest Kansas.

Members of the board of trustees are responsible for directing the business and affairs of the cooperative. Like you, trustees are cooperative members but with a special perspective. Your board members live throughout the Victory Electric service area. The trustees’ primary function is planning and policy oversight, establishing the long-term objectives of the cooperative.