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Victory Electric Vice President of Operations Ryan Miller recently announced Clayton Stein and Jacob Ledford’s promotion to line crew chiefs.

Crew chiefs are responsible for a line crew of three to four linemen. They supervise the crew and the crew’s assigned projects.

“Over the last couple years, Jacob and Clayton have demonstrated their knowledge and leadership on the line crew,” vice president of operations, Ryan Miller, said. “Both guys began their lineman careers at Victory and were encouraged and guided by the crew chiefs they worked under. There is no doubt that they will offer that same encouragement and guidance now that they are in those supervisory roles.”

Stein began his career at Victory Electric as a warehouse clerk in 2010 and became a lineman in 2012. In September of 2016, Clayton completed his journeyman certification.

“It has always been one of my goals, to grow my knowledge about my profession and eventually use it to lead others on the crew,” Stein said. “I didn’t expect to receive that opportunity so soon, but I am grateful for it and up to the challenge.”

Ledford joined Victory Electric in 2012 as an apprentice electrician before joining the line crew as an apprentice in January 2014. Four years later, Ledford completed his journeyman certification.

“Learning this trade doesn’t happen overnight,” Ledford said. “It takes will, dedication, and leaders willing to pass what they know down to those who are just starting out. I am excited for the chance to take what I’ve learned and put it in the hands of other guys so that they might continue to share that knowledge.”

Congratulations to Clayton and Jacob on their promotion! Victory Electric looks forward to the leadership they will provide on the line crew.