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We understand the challenges everyone is facing; high costs have put a strain on everyone’s budget, because of this we have decided to pause our penalties and disconnect procedures for the next two months. What that means for you is, we will not be assessing any late fees on your bill, we will allow all members to set up a payment arrangement if that is what works best for them. We also have paused the automated process that sends you Friendly Bill reminders and phone calls. The pause of these processes includes all accounts including power my way accounts. If you are unsure if you paid your bill or the amount, call our office ( 620.227.2139 or 800.279.7915) and we are happy to assist you. Since your electric use and amount due will continue to accrue as you use electricity, members are encouraged to pay what you can now to avoid a large bill later. Again, we appreciate you and want to do all we can to help everyone in these difficult times.