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Whether we prefer texts, instant messages, emails, phone or video calls, snaps, or social media posts, we have never before had so many ways to instantly communicate and keep in touch with our friends and family members. Victory Electric takes advantage of digital tools like these to quickly share important information and educate members, too. Even though we live at a time when much of our communication with one another occurs virtually at the touch of a button, the value of personal interaction and meeting together in person should never be underestimated.

Victory Electric connects and builds relationships with community members throughout the year, and the most important gathering we host is our annual meeting. This year’s annual meeting will be held April 9 at a new location — the Boot Hill Casino and Resort Conference Center in Dodge City. We hope to see you that evening, even if you have never attended an annual meeting before.

Why should you attend the annual meeting?

The purpose of the annual meeting is to elect trustees, share financial information and make by-law changes, if needed. The meeting offers cooperative members an opportunity to connect with trustees, the leadership team and other members of the community.

The annual meeting provides a platform for voicing your concerns, sharing ideas and discussing the issues important to you. Victory Electric will present a comprehensive, transparent review of our accomplishments, financial performance and community outreach initiatives in 2023. Attendees will also learn about what Victory has been doing to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy and to help build the communities we serve.

Don’t miss out on the swag bags and the chance to win a great door prize! Members who submit their registration card and attend the meeting will also receive a $20 bill credit. You will find your registration card on the back cover of your April Kansas Country Living magazine, which will be mailed at the end of March.

Trustee elections

Did you know Victory Electric’s Board of Trustees represents you on important energy issues and policy decisions? Trustees are local members of the districts they represent and make strategic decisions about equitable rate design and the future of the cooperative. From determining capital credit retirements to local infrastructure development, trustees have an important role to play in shaping our future – and they rely on co-op members like you to make your voice heard.

Daryl Tieben, District 1; Ken Schulte, District 3; Cedric Drewes, District 8; and Terri Larson, District 10, are up for re-election this year. Victory Electric members who live in one of their districts will receive ballots for the 2024 Board of Trustees election. Ballots will be included with the April Kansas Country Living magazine, so watch for it in the mail.

Come and see how your cooperative is working for you and helping to build the community. We hope to see you April 9!

Keep an eye out for your April Kansas Country Living magazine! It will include:

• The official notice for the annual meeting, to be held April 9 at Boot Hill Casino and Resort Conference Center;

• Your registration card for the annual meeting; and

• Election ballots for members represented by trustees in District 1 (Daryl Tieben); District 3 (Ken Schulte); District 8 (Cedric Drewes); and District 10 (Terri Larson).